About the Journal

Journal of Informatics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (JIDSAI) is an open access journal with e-ISSN: in progress, which was established for the dissemination of the latest knowledge in the fields of Informatics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Systems, Expert Systems, Computer Science and Applied Science.  Journal of Informatics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (JIDSAI) is published by the Center for Scientific Development and Publication 'Yayasan Bina Internusa Mabarindo". Starting in 2023, the Journal of Informatics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (JIDSAI) will be published three times a year (January, May and October).

Scope & Focus :

Informatics : Computer Science, System Software Engineering, Information Engineering Application, Intelligent System, Computer Networking, Fuzzy Logic, Game Development, Medical Informatics, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing Application, Web-based Application Development, Network & Computer Security, Interactive Media Systems, Enterprise Database Software, Image Processing, Multi Media, Programming Application.

Data Science: Data Mining, Big Data, Statistics, Mathematics, Machine Learning, Application Programming, Calculus & Algebra, Data Mapping, Data Communication and Visualization, Software Engineering, Data Analysis, Database Systems, Chemistry, Biology.

Artificial Intelligence: Internet of Things (IoT), Expert Systems, Case Based Reasoning (CBR), Image and Vision System, Natural Language Processing, Voice Recognition, Sensor Systems and Robotics., Intelligent Tutoring/Intelligent Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI), Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Game Playing (GP, Game Play), Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithm, Data Hierarchy.